One of the major goals of CCP-WSI is to bring together the whole community to place the code development activity on a firm and sustainable footing within the context of a single central code repository. The hope is that this will lead ultimately to a computational WSI facility that all groups use, engage with and develop, that serves the community well and represents a complementary resource to existing and future corresponding national laboratory facilities.


As part of this the CCP-WSI Code Repository has been set-up and we encourage members of the WSI community to contribute to it. The repository is hosted by GitHub and is using Git as the choice of version control software. To ensure high standards are maintained in the CCP-WSI Code Repository, all code contributions must pass the CCP-WSI Clearing House before they are accepted. The Clearing House consists of a number of conditions which must be satisfied, for example the code must be appropriately tested and documented. They are detailed in full on the GitHub repository project wiki and more information can be found about it here.

To access the CCP-WSI Code Repository you must already have a GitHub account, been added to the project and be logged in for the link to work! Similarly for the GitHub repository project wiki. Please see the Contribute section below.


Releases of the CCP-WSI Code Repository will be made periodically under GPL v3.


To get involved and start contributing to the CCP-WSI Code Repository please create a GitHub account and send us your username, selecting “Access CCP-WSI Code Repository” from the Category drop-down menu on the Contact Us/Join Us page.